Q. Why join Christian Wedding Chaplains when there are dozens of websites offering online ordinations?

This is one of the main reasons why CWCA was started. There are so many websites offering online ordinations that it’s become nearly impossible to tell which sites are tied to an actual organizations and which are just selling packs of paper. 

Your ordination is only as good as the organization that issues it, and if that organization is questionable then so is your ordination.

Q. I understand that in some states, anyone can be perform a marriage. Why would I even need an ordination?

A. State laws vary greatly (link to our chart o laws), In Virginia, for example, ____________________. In New York, Internet ordinations by a credible church or association are accepted throughout the state, accept in some downstate counties. The CWCA helps members determine what is acceptable in their area. It all comes down to the credibility of the organization.

Q. But most of the weddings I work are not Christian weddings, why would my being a member of the CWCA make any difference?

A. While some weddings are just an excuse for a lavish party, and many couples enter into marriage without inviting God into their union, they still want to know that their officiant is a credible professional, properly trained and ordained. Being a member of the CWCA removes any doubt as to ones business ethics or professionally.